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About Et Al Designs

Et Al designs candles of exquisite artisan-embellished elegance, blending traditional hand-rolled beeswax and hand-carved wax techniques with modern motifs and materials. Using the finest quality wax, these distinctive candles are adorned with inlaid semi-precious stones, intricate cutouts and appliqués, or sculpted and carved using innovative wax working methods.

Et Al's signature is mixing materials and textures that are unexpected to create candles that fuse modern forms with timeless function. Inspired by patterns, shapes and colors from nature, or interpreting fabric, fashion, old wood carvings or vintage furniture to catch a line or form that has not been seen in wax, founder Alina Bednarz works directly with the women artisans of the cottage factories that hand make Et Al's candles.

This care for detail and craft, and the fusion of natural materials, personal attention and creativity, creates candles that bring beauty and harmony to the home.

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